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About Us

Who – and why

Write First Time grew out of a PR agency’s staff writing course. Clients heard about the training and asked for their own people to be included. The Public Relations Consultants Association added Write First Time to its Approved Trainer roster.

We show that the ability to write clear, uncluttered English is a competitive advantage. Institutions, big companies and politicians use words to obscure meaning, rather than to clarify. Concise, direct writing stands out like a green oasis in the desert.

Organisations like the Plain English Campaign and writers like Lucy Kellaway in the Financial Times have led the charge against gibberish and guff, but there are still battles to be won. Write First Time’s mission is to explain how to write more effectively, a roomful of people at a time.

You can get satisfaction


That’s the average mark from delegates’ evaluations of Write First Time’s workshops. It’s not unusual for people to tell us it’s the best day’s training they’ve ever attended.

Our Trainers

Paul Mathieu began as a sub-editor and reporter on IT and business publications. He was lured into PR by lifestyle promises which may have been exaggerated, and worked for 12 years on the client side and for one of the major international agencies. He then set up his own shop, growing it into a pan-European business with six offices and 110 staff. It was sold to Omnicom in the noughties.

Paul gave writing training to his own teams from an early stage, which led to the formation of Write First Time. In the intervals, he’s had four books published, and contributed chapters to a cricket anthology.

Simon Turner looks at words from several perspectives: writing them, editing them and speaking them. He has degrees in English Literature (Newcastle) and Acting (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art – LAMDA).

In between stage and television work over the last decade, Simon has worked as a content writer, proof-reader and editor. He has a diploma in editing from the London School of Publishing. When he isn’t training, he’s working on a novel – and waiting for the call telling him he’s been chosen as the next James Bond.

Paul and Simon ran a superb bespoke course. Well-tailored, suitable for all and using great materials. Highly recommended

We are now running training sessions online in light of the restrictions caused by the coronavirus. Please get in touch with us via ourcontact page for more information