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We develop one-day workshops in your offices for up to eight delegates. We’ll take nine or 10, but preferably not more. We require time to give everyone targeted support and encouragement. You want value from spreading the course’s cost. Eight meets both needs.

Our 2019 fee for a day’s group training begins at £1,350 + VAT. Please contact us for a tailor-made quote.

The workshop can be adapted for half a day.

We also offer one-to-one training.

We engage with your people before the training: reviewing their work samples, asking where they’re confident about writing (and where not), responding to their individual expectations.

We solicit evaluations from the delegates at the end of each workshop, and share the marks and the comments with you immediately.

Chapters in a typical workshop’s content


It’s good for your career: the ability to write clearly is rated five times more important for an executive than verbal communications skills.

Content is King

You can write like an angel, but if you leave out key facts, your copy will fall short. Here’s a framework to ensure you miss nothing out.

Don’t do this

Examples of other people’s howlers, and how to avoid them.

Ripples in the copy stream

Is it it’s or its? Effect or affect? 1900s or 1900’s? Charles’ or Charles’s? If you get them wrong, the smart reader sighs deeply.


Is it possible to set targets for readability, and then measure your copy – draft by draft – to see how it performs? Yes, yes and yes.

Social media

The play is different – 140 characters versus an A4 page – but the cast is the same: plain English, short words and sentences, and get to the point at once.

Our hymn sheet can be adapted to match your song. Whatever particular requirements your group has, we can adjust to include them in the workshop content.

We are now running training sessions online in light of the restrictions caused by the coronavirus. Please get in touch with us via ourcontact page for more information